Pivot Tables finally explained

Learn how to use pivot tables easily and thoroughly.

Pivot Table IconPivot Tables are a powerful and easy to use feature of Excel. Here's a comprehensive step by step guide to discover a quick and straightforward usage of pivot tables. From simple data aggregation to advanced summarizing features, through a selected set of examples and data analysis.

Get your pivot in 1 minute

Pivots in 1 minutePivoting is easier than you think. Take a look to this 1 minute tutorial and change your mind about this undiscovered tool.

Pivot features, learn by examples

Pivot FeaturesLearn from ready-made pivot table examples. Find out how to aggregate, summarize, filter or compare your table data.

Quick charts from a pivot table

Pivot chartDiscover how to get stunning graphs out of your data. Let the pivot do the job. Just select your criteria and drag them around.